Block Chain Fundamentals – Index


Block Chain Fundamentals

Bitcoin is growing but the awareness of technology behind Bitcoin i.e. Block Chain is growing much faster rate.

Many people are looking around the web to get more insight about Block Chain, some find it difficult to understand and for few, it’s a cup of tea.

We at Techaroha Solutions Private Limited believe that Block Chain will be a success after we have more resources in Block Chain and More people with functional experience involve in creating use cases of the blockchain.

This course explains about the Block Chain Fundamentals in series of articles followed by a video for every article. The initial focus is on General Understanding of Block Chain and then we will later move towards Block Chain Developers point to view. Please feel free to raise your queries

Content of the course is

  1. Block Chain Fundamentals – Session 1 – What is Block Chain
  2. Block Chain Fundamentals – Session 2 – What is Block Chain in Details

If you want BlockChain Developers in India or want to develop blockchain projects you can always contact us over here.



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