Cryptocurrency are the blockchain based currency which offers best alternative to the fiat currency. Cryptocurrency are much better in terms of security , transparency and its very environment friendly because it doesn’t user paper.


With the success of Bitcoin many other currencies where launched like Ethereum , Litecoin , Monero and many more.This currency are often termed as Altcoin .

A cryptocurrency is successfully when it has very big and active community and many core node running to make it very powerful. But running a cryptocurrency core node requires some technical expertise and as result many indidvuale are not running nodes they just care for the wallet.

To brigde the gap Techaorha team has listed out instructions to build altcoin form source code and make their own core node. Below steps give insight to Install Litecoin Core in Ubuntu from Source code.

Follow Below Instructions to Install Litecoin Core in Ubuntu

1. Install and Update Pre-equired Packages. Install Litecoin core requires some packages to build and execute. Follow below command to install the requisite.

2. Install Berkeley DB 4.8

Berkeley is must and the version is also very specific. You need to install only Berkeley DB 4.8 , if you install any other system it will show an error. Found Berkeley DB other than 4.8 .

Since we need to install specific version you have to compile from source code instead of directly deploying form Ubuntu packages.

Please execute/use following commands to install Berkeley DB 4.8 in Ubuntu


3. Install Litecoin Core Node

Once the dependencies are install next step is to install the Litecoin Core in the system. Execute  below steps to install the Litecoin Core in Ubuntu


3. Setup Config and Run Node

1. Create folder same as “.name of coin” , in our case it’s  “.litecoin”  in root directory of Users , in AWS it will be /houme/ubuntu

2.  Create a file with a name “litecoin.conf” inside newly create folder

3. Go to folder of coin and then src folder i.e /home/ubuntu/litecoin/src and run the command



If you want any assistance from Techaroha Team to Install or Create a new coin please contact us here.


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