Install Node JS From Binary

Node JS is required to run the UI of the Explorer and interact with coin to fetch the data and insert the same into Mongo DB.

There are three ways of installing Node JS

1. Binary Installation.

2. Installation from Source Code. To install Node JS from Source Code Click Here

3. Installation from Ubuntu Packages. To install Node JS from Ubuntu Packages click here

we are going to install Node JS from binary.

To install the Node JS from binary follow the below steps
step 1: Go to  and copy latest Linux binary URL

step 2: Make a node directory in your src folder

Step 3: Enter the node directory

step 4: Unzip and extract the binaries

step 4: Make an etc directory in your node folder

Step 5: execute the following command

step 6: Create a symbolic link for a node that points to the new directory

step 7: Check the Node.js version


  • If you see the versions displayed for a node, you have successfully installed Node.js.
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