How to List Coin on Exchange and Crypto Exchanges

Launch Your Coin In India Mumabi or any part of world

How to List Coin on Exchange and Crypto Exchanges

Many Individuals , Teams and Organization are launching crypto coins with Block Chain Technology. The success stories of Sia Coin , Electronium , Ethereum is motivating many to launch their coin on Crypto Coins.

Block Chain technology is must for launching coin and the credibility of Block Chain technology helps coin owners to make it acceptable to few in their circles.

But the credibility of coins becomes global when its available for exchange on any of the crypto exchange. This is most difficult task where people are stuck in.

Whats Required to List Coin on Exchange and Crypto Exchanges

Listing on Exchange is not an easy task. Your coins have to pass on some small and very few critical criteria to be eligible for crypto exchange listing. Like some wants coin to be at-least one year old ,some don’t want coin to be pre-mine more than 10%  , some wants good records of ICO , some want good community support.

Apart from criteria the  next constraints is fees.Some exchange charge very heavy fees for listing. Some exchange have voting system but that also require heavy investment for paid voting since paid voting is given more importance than free voting.

How to Proceed to List Coin on Exchange and Crypto Exchanges

First prepare a good draft of you coin information with atleast below details.

Please ensure you are writing Aim and Coin base.

Dear Sir,

Please find the details of our coin , and please tell us the process to list our coin in your exchange.

Aim : Aim of our coin Bitcoin was to replace the fiat currency which digital currency. The algorithm is design to safeguard the interest of individual involve in the transaction. Bitcoin is the public ledger ,in future its expected that it will reduce the usage of paper and will also reduce the corruption to high extent.

1. Name : Bitcoin
2. Ticker : BTC
3. Algo : SHA-256
4. Money Supply : 21,000,000
5. Minimum Commission : 0.001
5. Source :
6. Founder Insta Mine : 0%
7. Coin Website : N/A
8. Bitcoin Talk :
9. Coin Logo : Find Attachment
10. Explorer:
11. User base: Million+ Users.

Thanks & Regards

Bitcoin Team (Never write your or your company name over here. Block Chain is all about team and decentrailization)

Aim and User Base plays an important role. With good user base you can expect a good response from exchange. Please make sure you are not giving wrong values they will some how figure out with your explorer.

Identify the Exchanges and Post them an email

This is important task. Since if you go for very good exchange it may take an year to list the coin or finally they may not list our coin citing any reason. This will waster your lot of time. Other major problem with exchanges is that they may charge you very hectic fees that could have been used to bring users to your coin with good purchase often called as Pumping.

To ease out your work Techaroha Team have identified few exchanges.

1. poloniex

If your coin is More than 1 Year Old and its have a very good avtive commuity then this is the best exchange for you.
Its 100% free , they will list your coin only when they think its importnat and has good follower.
Other way round is you must have good connect with management team , this can ease your work. Actually this last lineis true of any organization.

2. HitBTC

It’s gaining lot of populairty with so many coin listed in the exchange. But its very very coslty they may charge you upto 10 BTC to list the coin in their exchange.
If you have big pocket and want to be sure that your coin will work and willing to invest this exchange is for you.

3. Coinbase

You have good community and if you coin is listed in Gdax then this exchange is best for you. It will be an easy entry if your coin is listed on Gdax.

4. Bitridex

If you don’t want to much invest in listing and want regular buys of your coin then this is the best exchange.
They charge nominal fee for exchange listing. If have different offers to suit your need. Checkout in website or drop them a mail you can expect a response in max 3-4 Hours

5. Mercatox

Mercatox is gaining popularity among small coins, if you can arrange for the voting specially paid voting or voting from active members you will have very high probability to list this coin one exchange.

Techaroha team a Block Chain development company based in Mumbai(India) has experience block chain development team and can help you in all phases of coin development and then listing it on the exchange.

Please contact us here if you want any assistance.

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