Crypto Coin Explorer
Crypto Coin Explorer

Cryptocoin Explorer are used to view and track transaction in the blockchain network. Many opensource explorer are available in the git repository you can use as per choice. This article explains how to Setup Explorer for Cryptocoin in Ubuntu.

Explorer are must for any cryptocoin to track the transaction , blockchain is an public ledger but explorer make its actually visible to user. In short its the ui of block chain technology or block chain based currency.

Setup Crytpocoin explorer

Cryptocoin explorer requires different software or packages in ubuntu to be installed. This article explains how to setup iquidus Explorer in your Ubuntu Operating System.

Major Component required to Setup Explorer.
  1.  Nodes Js
  2. Mongo DB
  3. Coin Setup
  4. Domain Point

Let understand each and every step to Setup Explorer.

  •  Node Js

Node Js is required to run the UI of the Explorer and interact with coin to fetch the data and insert the same into Mongo DB. You can installed Node Js using

There are three ways of installing Node JS

1. Binary Installation. Please view the link for Details Step. Click Here to Install Nodes Js From Binary

2. Installation from Source Code. To install Node js from Source Code Click Here

3. Installation from Ubuntu Packages. To install Node Js from Ubuntu Packages click here

  • Mongo DB

Mongo DB serves as an back-end to  Explorer. All the transaction in block chain are also stored in Mongo DB. Please click here to Install Mongo DB in your ubuntu system.

Once Mongo DB is installed we need to create the database which will be by iquidus explorer and setup the credentials for that.

First following commands to ready Mongo DB for your explorer.

  • Coin Setup

This is the most important part. Coin core daemons needs to installed and config files to be configured correctly to ensure that Explorer can fetch all the required. Here we will take an example of Litecoin.

Please click here to install Litecoin Core in Ubuntu 14.0.4

Once the core is installed we need to setup config file. Config file will help connecting explorer to Coin and fetch the required data for Display. Example Configurations for Litecoin  Core for explorer is given in the below

  • Configuring Iquidus – Explorer UI(User Interface)

Clone or Download the Source code from GitHub

or you can clone the repository using following command

Go to explorer folder and rename the file settings.json.template to settings.json

Open the new setting.json file and change the following parameters

  • Setting Up Cron for Data syncing

Open crontab using command  crontab -e and add following crons for explorer data sync


Now start the node js application in background using following command

 Now finally run the url YourIP:3001 and you will see your explorer.
If you want this explorer to be pointed to some domain , please go through this link.


Please contact us here if you want any assistance.

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